domenica 22 gennaio 2012

Clean and Simple Cardmaking Week Two

Despite the major electrical problems and the fridge that kicked the bucket, etc. etc. I did manage to try a few techniques. Alas, I do not like the feel to the cards--still very unprofessional. The only one that I liek a bit is this one, although the color on the photo came out very yellow when instead the green almost matches the Bundled Sage that I used in the middle of the background.

In any case, I need to order from the States the powder used with embossing powder. I did find some white embossing powder but forgot to buy black.

I tried another card with the punch outs and the stamp behind...I tried to keep it simple (too simple?)

Lastly I tried the masking technique, although I think that I need to make the mask larger as here you cannot really see that they have masked and then stamped.

2 commenti:

  1. Ciao jan,

    Se cerchi la polvere per embossing...da L'arte in vetrina normalmente si trovano tutti i colori!
    Quando vieni??Cosi andiamo insieme...
    Ciao Blankina

  2. Hello Jan! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog! Your cards are lovely. Hasn't the class been fun? :) Just wanted to answer your question about the white frame on my Keep Calm card set. It's just a layer of white cardstock! The card base is 3.5x5. Then I cut a white panel at 3.25x4.75. The color cardstock layer that I embossed on is 3x4.5. Then I just layered them all together. I find that the trick to getting them straight is standing up when sticking the layers together! :)