giovedì 2 maggio 2013

His and Hers Card Class

I am taking an on-line card class called
For day one's homework I have tried making 2 cards (one for him and one for her) using
the same "ingredient"
I am not sure if the little flower to the left on the banner
of the "his" card works or not, but was curious to "push it a bit"
--Normally I would never put a flower on a guy's card.

This is a detail of the vase on the "her" card.

A mother's day card...with everything "hers": pink, flowers, pearls

A birthday card for Ruggero made with some of my Japanese marbled papers I did some time ago.. Inside there is magic wand and it says: You are my prince charming.

Another guy card inspired by Jennifer...but as the only stamp I had that I thought would lend itself to her kaleidescope technique is wood mounted thus difficult to position so it did not work well--but as I love the movement of her card I tried to let it inspire me.

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