mercoledì 1 febbraio 2012

Lucky me!  Un premio speciale / a special award / een special prijs

Grazie / thank you / dank je wel, Anna, wat loek!

I got this special prize from my friend, Annemieke Blankina creations

Questo premio prevede delle piccole regole-This prize has some small rules:
- postarlo sul proprio blog - Place it on your own blog
- dire chi l'ha donato - Say who gave you the award
- donarlo ai blog più cari che hanno meno di 200 seguitori (5) - Give it to the blogs you like most with less than 200 followers (5)
- avvisare i destinatari del premio - Inform the awardees
Alas, I not sure yet who to give this virtual prize to as most of the blogs I follow seem to have lots of followers.... Any takers out there in blog land?




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