sabato 11 febbraio 2012


TSM asked for a recycling project...for some weeks now I wanted to cover the boxes I am using as drawers for my various punches. Since it is almost Valentine's Day, I used my second hand (recycled) Stamping Up heart alphabet set; I also used some brown recycled paper so I think this will qualify for the Timbroscrapmania Challenge.     

Here is the inside view. I know. I know. It is not elegant. How I drool when I see all of those really beautiful, color co-ordinated craft spaces in magazines or on the Internet. This is not great, but for the moment, functional. Since I did not have any drawers, this temporarily does the trick.

This gives you and idea of "before" and "after".

Thank you, dear Sorcio, for the quality control, especially when tracing the letters with a fine-tip marker. Your help was invaluable :)

2 commenti:

  1. cara jan
    la cosa importante é che sia funzionale per te, che bello avere tutto a posto
    grazie di aver partecipato a TSM
    xoxo BA

  2. Ora che tutto a posto, sarà sicuramente più divertente mettersi a creare!
    grazie di aver partecipato a TSM!
    A presto